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Home: Home Page of the website. Software Products: Detailed descriptions of our file conversion software products - Filemerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. Also, how to evaluate them at no charge, and how to order. Online Conversion: A Unique and Inexpensive Instant Online Conversion Service. Receive converted files in a couple of minutes, without having to purchase any software or make any commitment. Application Notes: Summary of applications and file formats that our software products convert between, and selected details on some of these applications and file types. Custom Solutions: Don't find exactly what you need? We may be able to tailor a customized solution for you. Developers & OEMs: Special information for software developers, programmers, and OEMs, who wish to license our file conversion technology for inclusion into their own products. Downloads: A single "downloads" page from where you may download all current versions (as well as many previous versions) of our conversion products - FileMerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. FAQ: Useful answers to frequently asked questions. Site Search: A map of this website, as well as the ability to search the website using keywords.
Home: Home Page of the website. Application Notes: Summary of applications and file formats that our software products convert between, and selected details on some of these applications and file types. Microsoft Word: Our conversion software and services support conversion to and from just about any PC version of Microsoft Word, with conversion features and options not available elsewhere.

Convert documents to/from Microsoft Word

Our File Conversion software, FileMerlin and Instant Online Conversion Service both convert documents to and from practically all versions of Microsoft Word.

Converting to Word

FileMerlin converts from over 200 programs and file formats to Word 97 or later. It converts to Word .DOC files, as well as to RTF (Rich Text Format) and Microsoft Office XML. Uniquely feature-rich, it lends itself to a wide variety of conversion scenarios.

If converting to a version of Word earlier than 97, use our older product WordPort. Though not as feature-rich as FileMerlin, it is specially useful for "downgrading" current version documents to earlier Word versions.

Converting from Word

FileMerlin converts all PC versions of Word, from Word for Dos through the latest Word 2013, including .DOC, .RTF, .XML, .DOCX and .DOCM files. This gives you multiple options, particularly for exacting conversion requirements.

Word's built-in import/export filters

FileMerlin offers much more than Word's built-in import/export filters:

  • You can convert thousands of files in one operation.

  • It lets you customize the conversions.

  • It is a stand-alone product, which does not require Word or any other software to be installed.

  • It converts many more file formats than Word's built-in filters.

  • In many cases, it converts a lot more accurately than Word's built-in filters. It is also a lost faster.

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