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Home: Home Page of the website. Software Products: Detailed descriptions of our file conversion software products - Filemerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. Also, how to evaluate them at no charge, and how to order. Online Conversion: A Unique and Inexpensive Instant Online Conversion Service. Receive converted files in a couple of minutes, without having to purchase any software or make any commitment. Application Notes: Summary of applications and file formats that our software products convert between, and selected details on some of these applications and file types. Custom Solutions: Don't find exactly what you need? We may be able to tailor a customized solution for you. Developers & OEMs: Special information for software developers, programmers, and OEMs, who wish to license our file conversion technology for inclusion into their own products. Downloads: A single "downloads" page from where you may download all current versions (as well as many previous versions) of our conversion products - FileMerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. FAQ: Useful answers to frequently asked questions. Site Search: A map of this website, as well as the ability to search the website using keywords.
Home: Home Page of the website. Software Products: Detailed descriptions of our file conversion software products - Filemerlin™, WordPort™, and FirstOut™. Also, how to evaluate them at no charge, and how to order. FileMerlin Software: Highly accurate and powerful File Conversion Software, with an easy-to-use interface.

FileMerlin - Advanced File Conversion Software

FileMerlin accurately converts word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and data base files between a very wide range of file formats. Widely regarded as the premier document conversion product, it is suitable for straightforward as well as complex documents, and is the most accurate, complete and flexible such solution we know of.

Suitable for all kinds of documents

  • Legal documents demanding critical conversion accuracy

  • Technical documents

  • Documents with embedded functionality (mail-merge, field codes, etc)

  • Financial documents with complex tables, embedded spreadsheets, charts, etc.

  • Many other kinds of word processing, spreadsheet and data files

Converts Practically All Popular File Formats

  • All popular old and new file formats in their native form

  • Handles native Microsoft Office 2007 .doc, .docx and .docm files

  • Converts full-saved and fast-saved Word documents

  • Converts to PDF without requiring documents to be opened in their host application

  • Converts PDF files to word processor file formats

  • Supports all commonly used text coding (ASCII, ANSI, Unicode, Dos code pages, etc.)

  • Converts plain-text ASCII, ANSI and Unicode (8- and 16-bit) files

  • Last-resort text recovery from any kind of file (even corrupted files)

[File Conversion Software]High Conversion Accuracy and Completeness

  • Very accurate and complete conversions

  • Handles advanced formatting and layout

  • Preserves document logic

  • Excellent conversion of tables

  • Converts spreadsheets and workbooks (stand-alone, embedded or linked)

  • Converts PowerPoint (slides and/or notes, stand-alone, embedded or linked)

  • Handles special characters and symbols, including Unicode.

  • Converts embedded and linked graphics

  • Many options for handling revision markings and "track changes" codes

  • Utilizes a powerful text layout engine for stand-alone conversion to PDF

  • Smart conversion of PDF files to flowing text

  • Option to concatenate multiple source files in different formats to single destination file

  • Conversion log lists exceptions if any (e.g., due to destination format limitations)

  • Option to preserve file date and time

  • In general, far better conversion than built-in filters provided with word processors

No Special Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Runs under all Windows versions 95 or higher, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Runs under 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, as well as on Windows servers

  • Stand-alone, does not require source or destination applications to operate

  • True stand-alone utility, not a printer driver

  • Easy to install and uninstall

Intuitive, Flexible, and Easy to Use

Embellish your files automatically with no effort

Customizable for Special Requirements

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